Draynor Runescape Signatures

When it comes to Runescape signatures, the best is of course Draynor Runescape Help. It gives you info about quests and lets you make customizable skill stat signatures for your Runescape character.


Stellardawn Shirts and Apparel

I know you want to wear very cool StellarDawn shirts. These are made of cotton and are very high quality. They aren’t just about StellarDawn either. There are some shirts that are for Mechscape and others for Runescape. Even weird and funny ones.

Mechscape will have desert planets

As I sit here, drinking my coffee, I think about the color brown. It is not just in my coffee but also on a desert planet in Mechscape. A recently released picture from Jagex shows a futuristic Star Wars type planet that’s just a huge desert. Imagine a huge Mechscape desert with sci-fi technology like beast cloning machines and mech robots.

Mechscape World of Mechs

Today, the CEO of Jagex said that Mechscape may not be called Mechscape after all. It may be called something else. Maybe StellarDawn, maybe not.

They are still deciding and they might end up with some other name too. That’ll be really weird because everybody’s been used to Mechscape for the past 2 years and now they do this. Some people like Mechscape World will get pretty annoyed because their domain name includes Mechscape in it.

Other people like Zybez Mechscape Help won’t mind because they’re just using zybez.net/mechscape so they can just change up the directory and everything’s good.

It is interesting how some of the large Runescape fan sites never bothered to make Mechscape versions except for Zybez Runescape Help. Maybe they knew that Mechscape was just a code-name for something else – perhaps they thought the whole idea of a new game from Jagex was absurd. Maybe they thought it was going to flop like FunOrb or maybe those old Jagex games.

Mechscape vs. Runescape



Runescape quest guides help players get the tips they need in order to complete their quests. They are like instructions of knowledge to the Runescape players so that they can solve puzzles and stuff.

Mechscape planets and stars

Mechscape planets and stars

What game is this? Well it is none other than Mechscape and I have to tell you that it involves a planet. The Mechscape stars in the background are yellow in color and quite bland in texture. The red spot on the planet is Mechscape lava which a harvester can easily grab and take away for processing.

Now do you understand the difference between Runescape and Mechscape and which one is better.

Warlock pvp spec

World of Warcraft brings many things to the game of MMORPGs. One of them is the warlock pvp spec that everybody is so into the whole idea of best warlock leveling spec in WoW. Before you say “cool story bro”, I have to say that WorldofWarcraft requires your estimation when it comes to cool character names.


The MechscapeHQ of the world is now available for you. You can play Mechscape and get guides and help about Mechscape from this MechscapeHQ. You can play for fun. Your friends can join you too. It is a great way to think that you’ve made a difference in the game worlds. I close my eyes and flash back to Mechscape. It was a fun beta testing game. Now, you can’t cheat in Mechscape. It is a good thing. Don’t forget about the MechscapeHQ as it is very important for you.

Mechscape Tips

Here are some tips on how to play Mechscape properly.

Mechscape Tips #1: Register an account on either Mechscape or Runescape. Select a good name as this will be the name of your Mechscape character.

Mechscape Tips #2: MS is a game about Sci-Fi adventure. You need to know that a MMORPG like Mechscape requires you to have love for a genre of science-fiction.

MechscapeTips #3: You must visit a good Mechscape Help guide in order to complete quests and missions.

Good luck with playing the best game in the world! It isn’t called Mechscape for no reason!

Runescape Holiday and Rare Items Guide


Tradeable items are rare and considered valuable when there is a finite supply of the runescape item, driving prices up. Such tradeable items were either dropped only once (Holiday Rares) or discontinued (Non-Holiday Rares). In both cases the runescape supply is limited and there is a continuing sales market in the runescape game. Non-tradeable Holiday Items cannot be sold, so their value is only to show off how long you have been playing (since the runescape time they were dropped). All of these types are explained in this guide. Treasure Trail rewards are not considered rare, as their quantities are not limited. Refer to the runescape Treasure Trail Guide to see these items.

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Rare Holiday Items

Holiday items were dropped on certain holidays throughout the runescape year and could be found in random places all over the runescape RuneScape world. Since these items were only dropped on that holiday, the runescape tradeable ones became rare and eventually valuable and expensive.

In 2001, these items were a total surprise. People were wandering around the runescape world trying to get them, unaware of how valuable they would grow in the runescape future. Party Hats have now grown to be ‘the’ symbol of wealth in the runescape game. People who have all six different coloured party hats have a ‘party hat set’.

YEAR 2001

Hallowe’en – Pumpkin


Pumpkins were dropped on Hallowe’en 2001. These were the runescape first holiday drop in Runescape. They heal 14 HP and are 1 bite.

Reason for being rare:

Only dropped on that day; some people ate them because they healed a fair amount of HP.

Christmas – Christmas cracker


These were dropped on Christmas 2001 and have inside them a random coloured Party hat (explained below) and another random item from the runescape game (not quest items). To get the runescape content out you had to use it on another player. One player got the runescape Party hat, the runescape other player got the runescape item.

Reason for being rare:

Only dropped on that day; a lot of people opened them for the runescape impressive party hats inside. No one ever imagined they would become as valuable as they are today.

Christmas – Party hat

Green – Blue – Purple Red – White – Yellow


These were inside Christmas crackers (explained above). You can wear them on your head.

Reason for being rare:

Only came out of Christmas crackers dropped that day.

In 2002, holiday drops were expected and many people awaited them with eager anticipation. And just like the runescape previous year, there was a nice variety in the runescape drops.

YEAR 2002

Easter – Easter egg


These were dropped on Easter 2002. They heal 12 HP and are 1 bite.

Reason for being rare:

Only dropped on that day; some people ate them because they healed a fair amount of HP.

Hallowe’en – Hallowe’en masks

Blue – Green – Red


These were dropped on Hallowe’en 2002 and came in 3 different colours. You can wear them on your head.

Reason for being rare:

Only dropped on that day.

Christmas – Santa hat


These were dropped on Christmas 2002. You can wear them on your head.

Reason for being rare:

Only dropped on that day.

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Non-Rare Holiday Items

In 2003, new holiday drop items were created to be untradeable. This was because the runescape makers of the runescape game did not like to see players hoarding old drops and selling them for huge profits. Jagex said that all future holiday drops would not be tradeable, because these items were not meant to be worth millions of gp, they were meant to be for fun. Many people were upset because they could not trade the runescape newest 2003 drop items to friends who weren’t online for that particular holiday. Things got so bad that there was no Christmas drop.

YEAR 2003

Easter – Bunny ears

These were dropped on Easter 2003. They were the runescape first non-tradeable holiday drop. Also, players couldn’t get another pair. A message said “You don’t need another pair of bunny ears, you only have 1 head.” Originally, if players dropped them or died with them, they would reappear in inventory. Now, players have to go to Thessalia’s clothing shop in Varrock to get them back. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Hallowe’en – Scythe

These were dropped on Hallowe’en 2003. These are like Bunny ears, non-tradeable. Also, players couldn’t get another pair. A message said, “You already have a scythe you don’t need another one”. If dropped or lost, players can talk to Thessalia in Varrock (same procedure as Bunny ears.) When equipped it adds 10 to weapon strength and 10 to attack. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

After missing a full year of holiday items, Jagex brought them back. During December 2004, Jagex introduced a new system whereby an NPC related to the runescape holiday would give you the runescape item if you talked with him. This NPC would be available for a certain time period around the runescape holiday so that many players could join in the runescape holiday spirit.

YEAR 2004

Christmas – Yo-yo

For two weeks, Santa appeared in Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, Catherby and Yanille. Players who spoke to Santa got a Yo-yo, which can be right-clicked to do yo-yo tricks. the runescape Yo-yo is not tradeable. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

In 2005 Jagex carried on their holiday NPC approach but with a twist. You had to complete a task for the runescape reward.

YEAR 2005

Easter – Rubber chicken

The Easter Bunny appeared in the runescape weeks around Easter 2005. the runescape Bunny gave players baskets to hand out Easter eggs. (These eggs “melted” when the runescape Easter Bunny left Runescape.) After giving out the runescape eggs, the runescape player’s reward was a Rubber chicken. When wielded it can whack people. Players can dance like a chicken by choosing the runescape “dance” option (or “operate” when wielding it). 


It is also allowed as a weapon in Fun Duels at the runescape members Duel Arena (Attack: Stab and Slash -100, Crush -50; Strength -10). the runescape Rubber chicken is not tradeable. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Hallowe’en – Zombie Head

The zombie head was released for Hallowe’en 2005. Players got it by finding zombies in Lumbridge Swamp that had an “insult” option. When insulted, the runescape zombie dropped its’ head! the runescape Zombie head would then fly away and the runescape player had to catch it. 


For Hallowe’en 2005 there were also kids “trick or treating” in Lumbridge, but they (and their sweets) disappeared after the runescape holiday event ended. the runescape Zombie Head is not tradeable. A lost Zombie head can be retrieved by digging in Lumbridge Swamp. A replacement is only available to a player who originally got one during this event. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Christmas – Scarves and Hats

Scarves and Hats were task rewards for Christmas 2005. Players got scarves by painting ornaments (which disappeared at the runescape end of the runescape holiday period.) the runescape more ornaments painted, the runescape greater variety of scarves obtained (there were four different-coloured sets in all). 


Players got hats by assembling marionettes (which disappeared at the runescape end of the runescape holiday, unlike the runescape reward below). Again, the runescape more marionettes made, the runescape greater variety of hats obtained (different styles, but matching the runescape scarves). Scarves and hats are not tradeable. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Christmas – Marionettes

Marionettes were also a task reward for Christmas 2005. They were obtained by painting ornaments and decorating the runescape Christmas tree in Varrock square (the tree-lighting included a nice cutscene). Marionettes can be red, green, or blue, and are not tradeable. 


If a player loses it or just wants to change colours, it can be replaced by using the runescape “Destroy” option and getting another from the runescape crate in the runescape northwest house in Draynor Village. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

In 2006 Jagex continued the runescape holiday NPC task-reward scheme.

YEAR 2006

Easter – Easter Ring

Jagex released another holiday event for Easter 2006. the runescape task began by digging outside Falador or Varrock to find eggs or a Magic egg. Eating a Magic egg turned players into bunnies; eating it over a rabbit tunnel caused players to fall in as bunnies. Walking through the runescape tunnel eventually led to the runescape Easter Bunny, who asked players to hand out eggs to the runescape children. (These eggs “melted” when the runescape Easter Bunny left Runescape.) After giving out the runescape eggs, the runescape Easter Bunny gave players an Easter ring. 


When worn, it turns the runescape player into a random-coloured inert egg. As an egg, no menus are on the runescape right – only an “Unmorph” button. Moving or clicking “Unmorph” turns the runescape player human again. the runescape ring will *not* protect players from combat, but prevents trading and dueling. Easter rings are not tradeable. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Hallowe’en – Skeleton Clothing

Mask – Shirt – Leggings – Gloves – Boots 


Skeleton clothing was the runescape reward for helping Diango in the runescape Hallowe’en 2006 event. the runescape clothing was obtained by using the runescape Ghost Buster 500, loaded with destabilisers, to dismiss ghosts from possessed toys throughout Diango’s workshop. After dismissing three of a colour of Ghost (called geist during the runescape actual event), players could go to Diango to get one piece of the runescape clothing. Skeleton clothing is not tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Hallowe’en – Jack o’Lantern Mask

The Jack o’lantern mask was also a reward from the runescape Hallowe’en 2006 event. Players received Jack o’lantern masks in return for cutting ten roots from the runescape evil tree in the runescape center of Diango’s workshop. the runescape Jack o’lantern mask is not tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Christmas – Reindeer hat

The Reindeer hat and matching flashing nose was a reward from the runescape Christmas 2006 event. Selecting the runescape operate action while wearing it caused you to prance around, stars to glitter over your head and for you to generally “behave like a reindeer”. To receive the runescape hat, players had to go talk to Shanty Claws over at Musa Point on the runescape island of Karamja. He told them about children being kidnapped by the runescape Gublinchs and offered them some seasonal rewards for rescuing the runescape children.

In order to accomplish the runescape task, the runescape players had to travel to the runescape south of the runescape volcano area; make a number of snowballs; pelt the runescape Gublinchs, while having the runescape snowballs equipped, in order for them to get cold and shatter. 10 sets of Gublinch shards had to be gathered up and placed in the runescape cages by Shanty Claws in order to complete the runescape task. the runescape Reindeer hat is not tradable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Christmas – Wintumber tree

For the runescape first time, during the runescape Christmas 2006 event, Jagex offered members an extra reward. In addition to the runescape reindeer hat, members were given a wintumber tree. This was only offered if the runescape player was on a members’ server. Members had to speak to Shanty Claws on a members’ server before the runescape event was over in order to be able to retrieve the runescape tree in the runescape future from Diango.

The wintumber tree could be planted outside a player owned house, either in the runescape garden or the runescape unutilised land surrounding it. the runescape tree could not be planted in a garden hot spot, even if no other plant was there. the runescape wintumber tree is not tradable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

YEAR 2007

Easter – Chicken Clothing

Head – Wings – Legs – Feet 


Chicken Clothing was the runescape reward for once again helping the runescape Easter Bunny in 2007’s Easter event. the runescape clothing was obtained by undertaking errands for the runescape Easter Bunny. the runescape first errand involved lots of running around in underground tunnels, whilst attempting to catch chocolate Kebbits. Once ten kebbits were caught, players had to make their way to the runescape chute and deposit them.

The next task was to make some enchanted chocolate dust, and what better way to do this than a game of bowling! Players picked up eggs from around the runescape room and then proceeded to bowl them from the runescape top of a bowling ramp (only one could be bowled at a time). the runescape bowling eggs then crushed the runescape kebbits into chocolate chunks. Once all the runescape kebbits were crushed and delivered, the runescape Easter Bunny gave out a reward of chicken legs and chicken boots.

The third and final task was to obtain a rabbit mould. the runescape Easter Bunny gave you a magic egg, which you ate to become a bunny rabbit (eating it also allowed you to obtain the runescape hop emote). Once you became a bunny, you could fit through a small hole near to where you entered. the runescape hole led you to a series of burrows. Once the runescape correct burrow was found you popped out into the runescape field and aquired the runescape rabbit mould. the runescape rabbit mould was then taken to the runescape Easter Bunny in order to get the runescape final reward – the runescape chicken wings and chicken head. When all four pieces of the runescape chicken clothing are worn, the runescape flap emote becomes enhanced. Chicken clothing is not tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Halloween – Grim Reaper Hood



The Grim Reaper Hood was the runescape reward for helping the runescape Grim reaper during the runescape 2007 Halloween event. the runescape Grim reaper’s faithful servent died, and he needed his house tidied up so the runescape new servant didn’t think he was unable to take care of himself. the runescape first errand involved going to the runescape Grim Reaper’s garden to retrieve the runescape skull of the runescape past servant. You don’t want your new servant to see what happened to the runescape last one!

Next, you had to clean up his house. After reading his diary to find the runescape locations of items, you had to search every avaliable space for the runescape items of horror and place them in their respective locations.

Finally, the runescape Grim Reaper wanted you to check out a very dangerous training arena. His servants have to be on their toes to serve him. After being unused for months, he had to make sure that it was “safe” for use. After completing all three tasks and speaking with the runescape Grim Reaper, you were rewarded with both the runescape zombie hand emote and the runescape Grim Reaper’s own hood. the runescape hood is not tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option. 


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Christmas – Snow Globe



The Snow Globe was the runescape reward for talking to the runescape Queen of Snow after completion of the runescape 2007 Christmas event. When activated, the runescape Snow Globe fills your entire inventory with wieldable snowballs, which may be thrown at another player.

First, you had to talk to a snow imp, who gave you the runescape choice of one of five (non-wearable) hats, and instructed you on how to build a snowman. the runescape Snowman Dance emote was earned at this time as well. After building a snowman, you were allowed to go to the runescape Land of Snow, where you had to build another snowman, armed with either a sword, bow, or staff.

After talking to the runescape Queen of Snow, you earned the runescape Snow Globe and were able to teleport back to runescape. When activated, the runescape Snow Globe will open up and reveal a small-sized Lumbridge. Upon closing, the runescape Snow Globe will fill your inventory with snowballs. the runescape Snow Globe is non-tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option.


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

YEAR 2008

Easter – Chocatrice Cape

The Chocatrice Cape was given to you as a reward for completing the runescape Easter 2008 event and talking to the runescape Easter Bunny.

In the runescape event, players were required to find three eggs hidden around the runescape Falador, Draynor, and Rimmington area and return them to the runescape rabbit hole. Once inside, players were required to solve a simple puzzle and activate a machine that coated the runescape eggs in chocolate.

When the runescape Chocatrice Cape is activated, a player will become engulfed in a huge egg and then break the runescape egg around them. It can also be worn, is non-tradeable, and can be destroyed by using the runescape “Destroy” option.


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

Halloween – Warlock and Witch’s Clothing

Top – Legs – Cloak 



Top – Skirt – Cloak 


Warlock Clothing was the runescape reward for helping Maggie the runescape Witch obtain some trick or treat Halloween candy. She couldn’t gather it herself, as her skeletal oxen Babe was feeling ill. Players could don costumes, and go trick or treating from nearby residents of Rimmington, Port Sarim, and Draynor village. A new emote, trick, was added to help with this task, and could be gained from gazing into Maggie’s cauldron. After bringing back the runescape requested number and type of candies(six popcorn balls, five wrapped candies, and four chocolate drops). After bringing her all of one type of candy, Maggie would reward you with one piece of warlock clothing, until the runescape player had all three pieces. These candies all healed three hitpoints, but they vanished after the runescape season was over! There were two sets of clothing, witch’s clothing for female players, and warlock’s clothing for males.


See the runescape Retrieval Information.

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Holiday Item Retrieval

While it is not possible to obtain Rare Items and/or Rare Holiday Items through any means except buying them from other players, you can obtain the runescape Non-Rare Holiday Items for free in a number of ways, provided you already had them at one time. If you never got bunny ears, you won’t be getting them now, sorry. the runescape Bunny ears and Scythe can be retrieved from Thessalia in the runescape Varrock Clothing Shop should they be lost. Zombie heads can be regained by digging with a spade in Lumbridge Swamp. the runescape easiest way to obtain free replacements for these items, though, is either by talking to Diango or building a Toy Box in your house Costume Room (see Construction Guide.). 



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Rare Non-Holiday Items

These items previously existed in RuneScape but due to changes in the runescape game can no longer be obtained. There was only a certain amount of them in the runescape game, and hence they became rare.

Half Full Wine Jug


These were the runescape result of drinking a full wine jug.

Reason for being rare:

Players cannot drink half of a jug of wine any more, it is chugged all at once.

Disk of Returning



There was once a black hole where rule breakers were put; they could never get out. If players who hadn’t broken the runescape rules wanted to visit the runescape black hole, they could purchase a disk of returning from the runescape shop outside the runescape black hole for 10gp. To get out of the runescape black hole, there was previously a right click option on the runescape disk, “spin disk.”

Reason for being rare:

The black hole has been taken out of the runescape game, and the runescape shop that sold disks of returning no longer exists.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the runescape point of bunny ears and scythes if I can’t sell them? 

For fun, that’s the runescape whole point of Runescape, remember? They also show how long you have been playing.

Could you ever dye party hats? 


Is Unfermented Wine still around? 

Unfermented wine shortly and automatically becomes either wine or (sometimes) bad wine, whether it is carried in inventory or stored in the runescape bank. the runescape only way to halt this process is to turn it into a bank note, but that doesn’t make it valuable. 😉

When are Hallowe’en, Easter and Christmas? 

Hallowe’en is on the runescape 31st of October each year. Easter varies, but it is always in either March or April. Christmas is on the runescape 25th of December every year.

Are spinach rolls rare? 

Spinach rolls are no longer tradeable. However, they are a common drop from Moss Giants, are given out by the runescape Mysterious Old Man, can be obtained from the runescape crystal chest and are a reward from the runescape Demon Slayer quest. They heal 2hp.

Which black items are rare? 

None of them. Scimitars, hatchets, meds and all other black items can be easily obtained.

What are some other unusual but cheap items that scammers claim are rare? 

All item values are now shown in the runescape trade screen, so there is just no reason to get scammed by overpaying for a cheap item. Good advice: if you don’t know for sure exactly what it is, where it comes from, and the runescape current market value, just don’t buy it.

Mechscape Help is online!

After a short wait, the first ever Mechscape fan website is now online and ready to serve. It will pwn the competition. Usually, it can’t even see the competition from way up here. A mmorpg like Mechscape deserves some proper help. Well, the players of the game deserve the help, not Mechscape itself. Will you buy a robot for yourself, or will you fly around in this fantasy Sci-Fi game made for mature players? Yes, you will use strategy and you will play Mechscape for hours until your fingers fall off.

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